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Avoiding disabled people

I just read this on The Scotsman website. More than two-thirds of Scots avoid disabled people because they do not know how to act around them, according to a Scottish study. The survey, conducted by BT to mark its “Ready, Willing and Disabled” event, found reasons for such avoidance included disabled people being seen as […]

Equality Human Rights Commission response to reasonable adjustment case

To read their response, see www.equalityhumanrights.com/news/2011/october/commission-response-to-the-jane-cordell-case-decision/ But first some background Jane Cordell is profoundly deaf and required a full time lip speaker as support for the political work she did at the foreign office overseas. She has been employed by the FCO since 2001. Between 2006 and January 2010 she was a First Secretary at the […]

Stevie Wonder’s heartwarming plea

So I heard via a friend, via facebook that Stevie Wonder made a call out “for better access for blind, Deaf and disabled people too! LEGEND!” during his set at Glastonbury. So I went online and searched, via google, via the Guardian and via others and could only find out that he had made a […]

Are You Having a Laugh? TV and Disability

Friday 25th June, 21:00 on BBC Two A humorous and irreverent look at the way disability has been portrayed on TV over the last 50 years, narrated by David Walliams. From Sandy in Crossroads to Brenda in The Office, we’ll see how the subject has been done well, how it’s been done badly and how […]

Wireless for the “Bedridden”

While researching the BBC’s Disability Equality Scheme today, we came across a charity called W4B, previously known as Wireless for the Bedridden. Now we’re not going to go on a big rant, nor are we putting down their valuable work… In fact, let us merely link to their History page (www.w4b.org.uk/History.htm) and ask you to […]

Gay couple turned away from Berkshire B&B plan to sue

From the BBC – A gay couple are to sue the owners of guest house who turned them away because of their sexuality. Michael Black and John Morgan, from Brampton, Cambridgeshire, had booked a double room at the Swiss B&B in Cookham, Berkshire, in March. Owner Mike Wilkinson said he and his wife Susanne stood […]

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