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flip are uniquely positioned to offer training and equalities-focussed organisational development in countries around the world. As experienced consultants within Scotland and the UK, we are able to capture the lessons learned in improving equalities in the arts here and disseminate this internationally.

As producers of ‘If These Spasms Could Speak’, we are also able to offer high quality disability theatre which can tour to any country. By combining this production with our consultancy services, we can offer a ‘wrap-around’ service that demonstrates our ability to practice as well as inform.

Workshop Options
Robert, writer and performer of ‘If These Spasms Could Speak’, is an experienced workshop leader and trainer, both as an actor and theatre practitioner, and as part of his business partnership with Mairi Taylor in Scotland – flip. With this is mind there are two main areas of focus:

  • Creative workshops using the themes of personal narratives.
  • Disability Equality Training / development sessions focusing on areas of embedding disability equality into work and practices for organisations – whether internally or externally.

These areas could be explored with a variety of groups from art organisations and Momentum partners, through to audience members, disability organisations and their service users, other artists or young people.

These suggestions are not exhaustive. Robert and flip are experienced at tailoring workshops and training to meet the needs and objectives of a given groups.

disability equality in the arts