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Project Ability Christmas Auction

optimismDates: 13 Dec 2014, 6pm-9pm
Location: Project Ability gallery, Trongate 103, G1 5HD
Admission: Free

www.project-ability.co.uk / info@project-ability.co.uk

Project Ability will end the year with a bang! We are holding an event not to be missed on Saturday 13 December, 6pm-9pm: our Christmas Fundraising Auction.

For two weeks, beginning on the Saturday 29th November, we will exhibit the works of established and emerging Glasgow based artists alongside works by artists who attend our workshops.
There has been a lot of discussion lately about Outsider Art, what it means to be an Outsider Artist?  This exhibition aims to blur the lines between what is considered ‘Insider’ and ‘Outsider’ Art.  Each piece of work donated will be on sale in a silent auction, with a starting price of £30 as a nod to our 30 years of existence. We will welcome online bids on Thursday 11 December, 9am-12am.

Members of the public will be invited to bid on pieces of work they like without knowing who the artist is, thus rendering Outsider or Insider Art labels irrelevant. We will also publicise the artists’ names next to their work once the event is over, both on our website and social networking platforms.

We have had an amazing response from the artists we have contacted, and are extremely thankful to everybody who donated a piece. All the money raised will go to our ReConnect programme for adults with lived experience of mental ill health and will help us provide more opportunities and a rich programme of workshops, exhibitions and events to further realise and support the role of the arts in mental ill health recovery.

Participating artists include Alan Moore, Alan Straiton, Alex Frost, Andrew Boyle, Anna Campbell, Calum Stirling, Celine Mcilmunn, Charlie Hammond, Claire Barclay, Conor Kelly, Consuelo Servan, David Bradley, David Shrigley, Doreen Kay, Douglas Morland, Duncan Gray, Erica Eyres, Fran Gordon, Fraser Ross, Garnet McCulloch, Gerard Deighan, Gregor Wright, Harris Burnett, Helen De Main, Hirofumi Suda, Jason Pyper Davis, Jemima Densey-Wright, Jim Lambie, John Fitzpatrick, Kari Stewart, Kirsty Palmer, Laura Aldridge, Lauren Gault, Lauren Printy Currie, Lea Cummings, Leanora Brophy, Lewis Scott, Lotte Gertz, Margaret McGovern, Mhairi Macdonald, Michael Earll, Michael White,  Morag McGilchrist, Niall Macdonald, Nick Evans, Nicola Atkinson, Nicola Henderson, Patrick Butterworth, Pauline Jackson, Peter Stewart, Phoebe Barnicoat, Rachel Hook, Ross Agnew, Ruth Barker, Ruth Mutch, Sally Hackett, Sammi Penrice, Sarah Grant, Scott Smith, Shireen Taylor, Simon McAuley, Steven Reilly, Tom Varley, Tommy Kemp, Tracy Gorman.

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