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Including Me, Including You

Including Me, Including You

Wester Hailes Education Centre






We are Wester Hailes Education Centre , Edinburgh, and people can ring us on 0131 621 8316 and we’ll send out

application forms or invite people in to enrol-open 9.30-8.30 Mon-Thursday and all day Friday

plus weekends 9-3.30pm.


Would you like to be part of a new performance group which will use all sorts of fun

formats to tell stories? Drama? Music? Dance? Multi-Media? All of these could be

involved but you need only take part in the bits which feel comfortable to you.

Many people have had the experience of feeling left out or being excluded from

something that mattered to them at some point in their lives. This could be because of

feeling shy, having a different body shape, having some hearing or sight loss, being

of a different sexuality or even being economically excluded. Everyone has a story to



Do you have something to say about your experience or would you just like to be part

of a group which helps other people do so through performance? All are welcome.

Please enrol for the day or evening class

Tuesday 6.45-8.45

Friday 1.00-3.00


for further details contact:


Beryl Homan



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