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Abnormal reviews

Some links to reviews for Ju Goslings current Abnormal exhibition which can be seen at the Royal College of Surgeons’ Hunterian Museum (open Tuesdays-Saturdays until 14 January). The Lancet: www.thelancet.com/ Culture24: www.culture24.org.uk/ Roves and Roams: www.rovesandroams.com/

Graeae / Norman Beaton Fellowship 2012

[From Robert: I was a runner-up in the NBF for 2004 – a great competition!!] Graeae is thrilled to announce that, for the third year running, we will be a part of the BBC’s Norman Beaton Fellowship (NBF) and will be hosting auditions on Friday, 16th December 2011  ahead of the semi finals in London […]

Ménage à Trois – by Claire Cunningham

Ménage à Trois By Claire Cunningham. Devised and Directed by Claire Cunningham and Gail Sneddon Sometimes I feel like a machine. I forget I was made to touch skin, to feel heat, breath, to have someone’s smile pressed into my neck. I wasn’t made to click. . . But with you I click. We. Click. […]

Which logo?

Here at flip we often get asked about symbols.  Which ones to use and which ones to avoid.  When is comes to wheelchair symbols they can vary widely from turning a person into a wheelchair to showing that a person is actually using a wheelchair.  And where do we tend to see these symbols most?  […]

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