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I am doing an engage Scotland Everyone residency at Dundee Contemporary Arts, looking at engagement with galleries specifically around issues of Disability. Rather than get consultants or trainers in, DCA took the innovative and creative approach of setting up 2 artist residencies.

I am half way through the residency period. My approach has been making work in response to converstions, – aural, visual and forensic.

I am curious as to why people with disabilities don’t access contemporary art spaces, galleries and museums as much as the majority of the ‘non-disabled’ population?  My particular focus is on the hidden disabilities – for me, issues around mental health is a major factor – i negotiate spaces psychologically rather than physically.

I wish to ‘normalise’ mental health in a series of ‘sensational’ newspaper headlines from my fictional paper The Daily Compulsion.

Man puts left shoe on first. Very tame I know but it gives you an idea – or woman locks door leaving house – I am looking not just for the C’s from OCD but the rituals we have too around the day to day or special.  I will anonymise replies.  Please send your responses to textartist@yahoo.com

Thank you, Aidan Moesby





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  1. Lisa says:

    Hi, this is interesting-we have so much arts access with disabilities in groups that I attend and specifically mental health access – how has it been measured that there is a less uptake by people with mental health problems? Being in Cambridge with fab access and being able to pop to London for more fab stuff, I wonder if there is a North/South difference or if there are problems around disclosure of mental health probs? Sorry to just be nosy, arts and mental health is what I do!

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