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Expectations – Fringe show – Recommended!

We don’t plan to make a habit of recommending productions but here’s an exception! I was dubious before seeing this – a parent’s perspective of disability can be unbalanced at best or downright patronising. This play avoids those pitfalls and presents a balanced view while still managing to engage the emotions. Expectations by Kristina Brändén […]

Solar Bear Training

Solar Bear Limited is an arts organisation that works with professional artists and people from marginalised groups throughout the community. The company creates inclusive and accessible theatre productions as well as offering Creative Learn programmes and Training Services. Solar Bear has extensive experience working within the deaf community. Solar Bear can offer your organisation affordable […]

Exhibition Review – Disability Pursuits

EXHIBITION: LYDIA POPOWICH – DISABILITY PURSUITS (Caithness Horizons, Thurso, ended 25 July 2010) Back 29 July 2010 GEORGE GUNN looks back on a revealing project taking disability as its theme THIS EXHIBITION aims to challenge the discriminations disabled people and minority groups face, and on the evidence of the eight brightly coloured and wittily painted […]

Audio Description Association (Scotland)

Audio Description Association (Scotland) What is audio description? Audio description is a commentary that describes what is happening for people who have difficulty seeing the screen, play, exhibition or match. It helps you follow what is going on by describing the essential action, body language, facial expressions, costume and scenery. where can I find audio […]

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