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Stevie Wonder’s heartwarming plea

Stevie Wonder

So I heard via a friend, via facebook that Stevie Wonder made a call out “for better access for blind, Deaf and disabled people too! LEGEND!” during his set at Glastonbury.

So I went online and searched, via google, via the Guardian and via others and could only find out that he had made a “surprisingly touching plea for equality for disabled people” and a a heartfelt plea”.

I eventually found out via Able’s site what he said.  Sounds rather fair to me – when exactly is equality touching and heartwarming?

“I want you to encourage the world to make things more accessible for those who are physically challenged,” he said. “Make it more accessible. Let there be nowhere that I can’t go being blind, that someone cannot go being deaf, someone cannot go being paraplegic or quadriplegic. Make it accessible so that we can celebrate the world as well as you can.”

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disability equality in the arts